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Harmful toxins in your body: What are its types and how much damage can they do?

Harmful toxins in your body: What are its types and how much damage can they do?

November 07, 2020
The word itself is scary- Toxin. Most of us are unaware of how much damage toxins can do to our body and how long this has been an issue for us. Toxins are pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals and processed food that negatively affect our health. Two hundred years ago, “mad hatter disease” was found to be caused by toxicity of mercury which is a heavy metal. The decline of the Roman Empire is believed to be caused by the toxicity from leaded water pipes. However in those times, toxins were usually limited to exposure due to one’s occupation. For ex: Coal miners would be at a risk from coal dust because they inhaled it on a regular basis. Doctors didn’t consider the rest of the population to be affected. However industrialization happened and things have changed now. After rigorous research, scientists have come to the conclusion that now almost everyone is exposed to toxic substances in one way or the other that causes detrimental effects on one's health.

There are eight ways in which toxins cause damage to our bodies :- 

Toxins cause enzyme poisoning causing them to malfunction 

Each physiological function in our body relies upon engines called enzymes to make molecules, production of energy, and building cell structures. As toxins interact with enzymes, they affect a number of bodily functions like hindering haemoglobin production or decreasing the body's capacity to fight free radicals that exposes skin to oxidative stress and causes wrinkles, dryness and other signs of premature aging.

Toxins displace structural minerals leading to weaker bones

Maintaining a lifelong mobility requires the body to maintain a healthy bone mass. Weaker skeletal structures and further amount of increased toxins occur when toxins displace the calcium present in your bones. Long or short term exposure to high concentration of metals like lead, aluminium, mercury, nickel, results in an imbalance in the metal remodelling process, altering both formation and resorption resulting in different bone diseases.Bones loss is a result of this.

Toxins cause early aging and degeneration

Our food contains many commonly used pesticides, un- detoxified estrogens and benzene containing products. All of these damage our DNA resulting in appearance of signs of aging too early in your life.

Modified gene expression

Our genes adapt to the environment around us and the internal changes in our body. Toxins activate or suppress our genes in such a manner that genes aren’t able to switch on and off according to changes as required by the body.

Toxins damage cell membranes

Cell membranes send and receive important signals to coordinate the actions of distant organs, tissues and cells.Toxins cause damage to these cell membranes making them unable to receive these messages, for example insulin being unable to signal cells to absorb more sugar or muscle cells unable to get messages from magnesium to relax.

Toxins cause imbalance in hormones

Toxins can mimic, induce and block hormones. A good example is arsenic that disrupts receptors of thyroid hormone on the cells so the cells don't get a message to boost the metabolism. It results in fatigue.

Toxins impair detoxification in the body

If you are under a heavy toxic load, it overwhelms your body’s detoxifying capabilities and it gets harder to detoxify. Your detox system will give subpar performance just when you need it the most.Toxins are everywhere and one doesn’t know how many or where we are being exposed to. But the one thing we can do is understand the signs of toxin overload in your body. Doctors say that you must look out for the following signs of toxins in your body.

Brain fog

Irritation caused by chemical toxins one is exposed to, leads to confusion, inability to stay focussed and memory loss. These are the signs of brain fog. It’s like your car breaking down due to bad oil.


Preservatives, colorants and artificial flavours are a part of the food we eat nowadays. Especially processed foods. This leads to an upset stomach or constipation. It is one of the earliest signs of toxin overload where your body is telling you to slow down on your intake of toxins. Organic food, limited alcohol intake and having lots of water helps you with bowel movements and taking good care of yourself. Having vitamins and minerals in your diet makes your body strong against toxins.

Low energy levels

Toxin overload in the body due to exposure to pesticides and metal toxins can cause chronic fatigue.Your kidneys and liver have to work overtime in order to get rid of all that toxic waste. Sometimes it leads to toxic buildup resulting in symptoms of low energy and fatigue.

Unusual Body Odour

Unusual smelling body odour is another sign of toxin overload. Gases and odours are our body’s byproducts of metabolism and breakdown of things we are exposed to. Bad breath, body odour and  urine are all signs that your body is getting rid of the toxins.

Physical aches that can’t be explained

The fast food many of us consume everyday is loaded with chemicals that are toxic in nature. This leads to a toxin buildup in the body. Toxin overload can give you a feeling of being run down or cause cramps.

Cleansing your body

Doctors suggest that in order to get rid of toxins in our body, we must consume organic and natural foods. Avoiding fast food and alcohol is the key. Check the ingredient list of the cleaning products you use in your house as well as your body. Try your best to stay healthy by having lots of water, sleeping enough, getting exercise and managing your stress levels.

With toxin overload being unavoidable in current times, boost in nutrition through nutraceuticals is suggested. Products like Dayly Cleanse give your body an extra hand in removal of toxins. It also helps you restore skin vitality and skin texture. It's completely herbal and loaded with Vit A,C,D and E along with Zinc. The blend of Resveratrol, green tea extract, alpha lipoic acid and Amla powder ensures that you don’t experience any toxin overload.

Along with superfood, lifestyle adjustments are a necessity. It’s also recommended to talk to your doctors about any serious lifestyle change you may need to make.

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