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Keeping your skin hydrated: The 10 step guide

Keeping your skin hydrated: The 10 step guide

November 23, 2020
Have you come across anyone who has well hydrated skin that glows radiantly all through the year? We don’t. There are more chances of finding a unicorn in your front yard than finding someone who doesn’t have dry skin every once a while. 

Since our face is the most noticeable part of our body, that’s where one notices the appearance of dry skin first. Also facial dry skin is more itchy than dry skin on elbows, arms or joints. 

Today we discuss how to eradicate those dry patches on your skin and make your facial skin as smooth as a baby’s bum. We first start by discussing whether the skin on your face is dry or dehydrated because there is a lot of difference amongst the two.  

Dryness or dehydration? 
There is a significant difference between dry and dehydrated skin though it may seem like we are talking of the same thing. 

Dry Skin
When your skin is not producing it’s natural oils or not replenishing them enough, your skin becomes dry. You may now wonder that oily skin is equally bad isn’t it? It’s a little more complicated than that.

Sebum is a natural oil that your body produces to moisturize your skin and protect it. Sebum retains water in the outer layers of the skin, keeping it hydrated. For a healthy moisturized skin we need some amount of sebum but excessive amounts of it can cause skin breakouts. 

If you don't have enough sebum on your skin you will face redness, patches, itching, and flakes.

Dehydrated skin
While dry skin is caused by lack of enough oil on your skin, dehydrated skin means it lacks water. Even if your skin has enough oil it can still be dehydrated. Our skin is like grapes. When it lacks enough water on the inside, it becomes a raisin. 

What's the difference in appearance of dry vs dehydrated skin? Dehydrated skin lacks its glow and luster, appearing to be dull.

Causes of dry skin

Environmental factors: As your facial skin is always exposed, the environment around you matters a lot when it comes to having an impact on your skin. Those of us who live in hot and dry climates need to work harder in order to keep our skin hydrated. People living in windy cold weather also have to take extra measures. 

Genes: Your DNA matters when it comes to dry facial skin as the type of your skin is determined by your genes. Whether you have naturally oily or naturally dry skin depends on how you are genetically built. Extremes of both types of skin are bad and we need to understand our skin type to better take care of it. 

Aging : With age, our skin loses its capability to produce sebum meaning that our skin gets drier with progressing age. It becomes difficult for your skin to retain water causing dehydration.

Lifestyle : Excessive smoking and drinking are the leading cause of skin aging that starts with lost sheen and moisture. Also, the more time you spend in the sun, the more dry your skin can get. It’s best to avoid smoking, drinking too much alcohol and spending too much time in the sun without sunscreen.

Getting rid of dry facial skin - Let's discuss top 10 tips for keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized.

  1. Using lukewarm water to wash your face: Hot water is responsible for washing away the sebum that your skin needs to retain its moisture. Lukewarm water is the best for washing your face. 
  2. Shorter showers: The longer you shower, the more your skin is exposed to water that rips off the natural oils and washes them away.. It’s important to spend a balanced amount of time in the shower so that your skin doesn’t lose oils that keep it moist and hydrated. 
  3. Weather precautions: Extremely cold or extremely hot weather call for taking extra precautions for your skin. Facial skin is always exposed and is more prone to losing it sheen due to weather extremities. Wear scarves or hats in summer sun.
  4. Sun protection: It's important to apply sunscreen every time you go out into the sun. Even if it is not extremely sunny outside, the UV rays from the sun can still damage your skin
  5. Use Facial Cleansers: Soaps strip the essential oils from your skin. To minimize appearance of dry skin, use a gentle face cleanser that has moisturizing properties. Cleansing agents with natural ingredients are best for your skin.
  6. Eating well and drinking lots of waterYour skin needs healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Eating foods like avocado and almonds helps keep skin healthy. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables too. Also when you drink lots of water, your skin feels and looks healthy from the inside out
  7. Cleaning gently: When scrubbing or exfoliating your face be gentle on your skin. Don’t rub too vigorously. Thick lather shouldn't be forming on your skin. 
  8. Moisturizing: It's important to apply a good moisturizer to your skin twice a day. Once after you’ve had a bath and once before sleeping. When you apply moisturizer immediately after washing your face, the moisture gets locked in. 
  9. Using the right moisturizer: Some moisturizers can have the opposite effect of moisturizing, they can dry out your skin. Go for moisturizers that are rich in sunflower seed oil, shea butter, coconut oil and plant extracts. 
  10. Exfoliate: You must exfoliate once or twice per week to get rid of dry flaky spots of your face, which is dead skin. When you get rid of these dead skin cells, fresh new younger looking skin is revealed which is also healthy. 

With lifestyle changes, pollution and stress our skin needs an extra boost when it comes to nutrition that keeps it healthy. We, at Dayly have come up with a product that not only locks in skin moisture and keeps it hydrate, but also gives it a UV protection shield. Created by our product team that specializes in  skincare, it’s a carefully selected combination of ingredients for a healthy diet for your skin. This natural dietary supplement is created by scientifically studying food, herbs and their extracts.

Dayly Glow is the ultimate superfood you need to achieve a healthy and glowing skin. We, at Dayly, measure your progress against supplement intake so you can achieve measurable results when it comes to health for your skin.

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