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Pollution Damages Your Skin: Here’s How

Pollution Damages Your Skin: Here’s How

December 14, 2020
Regardless of where we live, air pollution has a significant impact on our health. Recent research talks about how airborne pollutants cause damage to your sin and affect how it ages. Another research found that pollution is as bad for your skin as unprotected exposure to the sun. We need to protect our skin from not only UV light but also environmental pollution and it's more important now than ever before because of rising levels of pollution. The protection begins with the right skin care.

Air and environment pollution

Humans release gases and particles in the air because of manufacturing, chemical processes, refineries, auto exhausts, cigarette smoke and many other reasons. The gases or particles in air is called air pollution. Most pollutants won’t directly damage skin but affect its outer surface, making it easier for the pollutants to enter into your body.

Small particulate matter is a type of non gaseous pollutant that gets in through your pores and becomes trapped there, causing damage to the skin. Because they are so small, these kinds of pollutants are also called nanoparticles. Once they are inside your pores, just washing your face won't be enough to get rid of them.

Though air pollution is worse in big cities, living in rural areas doesn’t mean you are not at a risk. Pollution can move through the borders of big cities through atmosphere and water, and settles in soil on the ground.

Ways in which environmental pollution damages skin

There have been several studies on how frequent exposure to pollution affects skin’s health and appearance. The types of air pollution that cause maximum damage to your skin are:

Cigarette smoke
2.    Automobile exhaust
3.    By-products of manufacturing processes
4.    Small particulate matter (such as nanoparticles are aerosols)
5.    Smog

Though all types of pollution cause free radical damage to your skin, smog is especially harmful. If not taken care of, skin damage due to smog can lead to breakdown and decay of all the things your skin needs to look healthy and youthful.

Pollution disrupts our skin’s microbiome’s barrier, throwing it out of balance which increases the effects of pollution on your skin. Airborne pollutants can cause a wide range of problems for your skin. They can cause brown spots and an uneven or dull skin tone. These pollutants also lead to breakdown of skin’s supportive elements which in turn leads to wrinkles. Your pores become enlarged and your skin becomes sensitive and redness prone which is uncomfortable, dry and itchy.

Airborne pollutants cause acne like breakouts by getting stuck in pores. They trigger damage in the inner layers of skin where wrinkles and skin discoloration form. Keeping your skin’s surface healthy and intact is of utmost importance because when it breaks down, nanoparticles enter into your body through impaired skin.

Breathing is the most common and direct route for pollutants to enter your body. You can stop this damage caused by pollutants by eating a diet rich in antioxidants. Also there are some steps you can take to protect your skin from environmental damage.

Protecting skin from pollution

You cannot protect skin from the effects of pollution 100%. However, you can shield your skin from airborne pollutants as much as you can by using skincare products that have anti pollution ingredients in them. They are made with antioxidants that guard you against the effects of pollution on your skin. However, just antioxidants won’t do the trick. Your pollution fighting routine should include elements that specialise in skin care and protecting it from pollution. That’s why we have created Dayly Cleanse which has potent doses of cleansing herbal blend with detoxifier mineral zinc and skin essential vitamins A, C, D, and E. Dayly cleanse not only neutralizes the damage caused by airborne pollutants but also replenishes the elements your skin needs to fortify its surface barriers.

While superfood and skincare products do the job of protecting your skin from harmful effects of air pollutants, you must never forget the age-old practices of properly exfoliating your skin. Leave on AHA or BHA exfoliants are good to use because they pull out pollutants that get trapped inside your pores.

So make this a part of your weekly routine and see the difference for yourself as your skin glows with radiance battling all the signs of pollution.

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