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Skin elasticity: Can superfoods improve it?

Skin elasticity: Can superfoods improve it?

October 17, 2020
How do you know you are aging? The most glaring in-your-face sign of ageing is that your skin loses elasticity. You feel a loss of firmness combined with the appearance of wrinkles. You can be hopeful though! Today we understand if skin elasticity at 30 and beyond can be regained with superfood. We’ll also know about some natural and other targeted superfoods available for you to select from. For quick answers, jump to the superfoods section below. 

Understanding skin elasticity

Have you ever noticed that when we pull a baby’s cheeks, they always bounce? Your skin’s ability to stretch and bounce back is called skin elasticity. Officially called elastosis, loss of skin elasticity is the decadence of tissues on your skin owing to factors such as aging, sun exposure, pollution and poor nutrition.

Why do we lose skin elasticity? 

Collagen and Elastin are the proteins responsible for giving a firm structure to skin and its ability to stretch back and forth. When we are young, our skin has plenty of collagen and elastin. When we grow older, we go through hormonal changes and our ability to heal slows down. It reduces the skin’s ability to bounce back.Another cause of loss of skin elasticity is our body’s decreased production of natural oils as we age. Moreover our skin goes through oxidative stress from lifestyle habits such as unhealthy sun exposure, disturbed sleep or lack of sleep, poor nutrition, smoking and pollution.Other than losing elasticity, the skin starts showing signs of fine lines and wrinkles which are caused by the fact that loss of skin elasticity is compounded by the loss of rigidness from the fat and bone muscle that lies underneath it.  

At what age do we start losing skin elasticity?

While the numbers vary for everyone depending on their genetics and lifestyle, the average age at which skin starts a decline in production of collagen is 25 years. It decreases at an approximate rate of 1-2% per year after that. As you move from your 30’s to 40’s, you’ll see a considerable change in skin firmness and tightness, meaning the loss of elasticity will be visible. During the first five years of menopause in women, they lose approximately 30% of collagen in skin.

Can skin elasticity be improved? 

The quick answer is yes, but it depends on your efforts. You have to understand the science behind skin elasticity to know that when you improve your collagen and hyaluronic acid (responsible for moisture retentivity) reserves, you CAN repair the damage caused by loss of it. When you continually do it on a long term basis, your skin’s health and firmness is naturally improved and further loss is slowed down. There are many ways to reverse aging by controlling your skin elasticity. Eating the right kind of food is one of them.Let’s discuss what that food is 

Superfoods for skin elasticity

Many of us take a healthy balanced diet for maintaining their weight. Why not add a few items to the diet for improving skin health as well? 

Foods that cause the magic of reversing your skin aging by controlling loss of elasticity are abundant in nature. Some of them are manufactured in labs as well with the sole intent of improving your skin’s collagen and hydraulic acid reserves. They are called Nutraceuticals such as the ones by Dayly.

 Here are some natural superfoods that will restore your skin with collagen 

  • Eggs - The white portion in eggs has essential amino acids that build up collagen. Eggs are also Vit D powerhouses, which is responsible for maintaining healthy fats, muscle, skin and bones. 
  • Citrus rich foods - What do lemons, tangerines and oranges have in common apart from the fact that they are all citrus rich foods? They all have high amounts of Vitamin C which helps boost collagen production in your skin and improves its elasticity.
  • Broccoli - Another natural food item that is rich in Vitamin C responsible for boosting collagen and keeping your skin bouncy and firm. 
  • Nuts - Nuts are not only a healthy snack option, but also have Zinc which is responsible for collagen production in your skin. 
  • Mushrooms - Mushrooms are a must in your kitchen not just for taste, but their richness in Zinc which boosts collagen and helps your skin control aging.

Nutraceuticals, the superfoods rich in collagen 

By now we know that collagen is found in the connective tissues of the skin and helps restore skin elasticity. There have been studies all across the world that found evidence of collagen being absorbed through your gut and passed onto the skin via your bloodstream.During these studies, when oral supplements of collagen peptides and Vitamin C were given to participants for 3 months, their skin started showing increased firmness and bounciness. There were also significant improvements in their skin elasticity.
Studies also show that when drinks containing collagen and other helpful elements such as hyaluronic acid are given to participants, their skin’s elasticity is improved by many fold. 

Given how it’s proven that supplemental collagen and hyaluronic acid helps in reversing skin aging, it’s essential to add nutraceuticals like Dayly Glow to your diet. 

Dayly Glow gives you the power to enjoy youthful skin with a blend that not only repletes collagen and other essential elements in your skin, but also acts as a shield from UV and pollution. Moisture is locked-in resulting in improved skin elasticity that lasts long. 

The go to everyday smoothie helps improve skin rejuvenation and can increase collagen metabolism. The hyaluronic acid in this superfood is made easy for your skin to absorb and ensures that the skin stays moisturized throughout. 

Omega 3 FA in Dayly Glow gives your skin the power to fight against UV rays, improving skin hydration and removing wrinkles. Sea buckthorn, cocoa beans, biotin and L-arginine form the ‘glow blend’ that prevents skin from the adverse effects of pollution and collagen degradation


With age and time, you can’t ignore skin aging and loss of elasticity. But you can slow it down and ever restore it with building healthy habits and taking collagen rich superfoods regularly.
Targeted nutraceuticals like Dayly Glow make collagen absorption easier as it has a wide variety of ingredients that work for the sole purpose of de-aging the skin.
As it is for all good habits, the sooner you start ingraining them in your lifestyle, the better your results are.

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