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Top 5 small changes that can strengthen your immune system

Top 5 small changes that can strengthen your immune system

November 27, 2020
A pandemic is on and we all are worried about protecting our bodies from harmful foreign invaders and deadly infections. Though these germs and viruses can enter our bodies all the time, the invasion doesn’t happen too often in case of healthy people. When we face a throbbing headache, our gut isn’t feeling well, we are starting to sniffle or even if our skin has eruptions-  these are all our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. The intensity of how severe these signs are, is different for different folks. 

Have you ever thought about what the root cause behind these foreign body invasions might be? According to doctors, it’s our lifestyle that is taking its toll on our health. We are so busy with the hustle and bustle that life has to present us, that we rarely find any time to look after ourselves. We have to realize that in the long run, our immune system will benefit from even the smallest of healthy changes in our lifestyle.

It’s time to build up a strong immune system to lead a healthy and happy life. Let’ s discuss some ways in which we can do it. 

How to boost immunity? 

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is the first line of defence. Here are the top 5 small changes you can implement in your life to strengthen your immune system.

1. Watching what you eat 

The health of your immune system and your diet work together hand-in-hand. The key to a strong immune system is good nutrition. It provides you a protective guard against seasonal illnesses and other problems related to your health. Your gut not only trains your immune system, but acts as a gatekeeper to your body. It’s also your body’s health centre. If you keep your gut healthy, your immune system will automatically be healthy. Gut friendly food is good to add in your diet, examples of which are fermented foods, probiotics and sprouts. You also need to consume lots of antioxidant rich foods that fight viruses and cell damage. A balanced diet consisting of fibre, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates can keep your immune system strong.

2. Workout for your immune system

Exercise and your body’s defence system are strongly linked. When your body goes through rigorous exercise, your immunity performs at higher levels. Daily walks, yoga or a workout routine significantly decrease your body’s chances of getting attacked by foreign viruses. When you exercise, the blood flow in your system is improved. It further helps in flushing out germs and toxins in your body via sweat and urine, while significantly reducing your chances of catching cold or flu. Health experts have researched and come to a conclusion that exercising strengthens your white blood cells that are responsible for fighting diseases. With exercise your WBCs circulate at a quicker pace, allowing them to detect problematic viruses early on before they can cause any damage. 

3. Sleeping well for boosting immunity 

One of the most important pillars of healthy living is a healthy sleep. If you are deprived of sleep or haven’t had enough, it can affect your immune system and also increase your chances of falling sick. There are several researchers who claim that sleep deprived people are more likely to develop health issues after being exposed to germs and viruses. Lack of good sleep also takes a toll on the recovery time needed after falling sick. When you are sleeping, a protein called cytokines is released by the immune system which is responsible for fighting infections. If you are attacked by a virus, it needs to be produced in large numbers. Lack of sleep however can reduce its production.

4. Smoking and immunity 

Health professionals, doctors and researchers have well documented the evils of smoking and other tobacco products. If you smoke regularly, you could suffer from stroke, mouth and lung cancer, COPD and heart diseases. Smoking decreases your body’s immune response as tobacco in the cigarette damages the system. Minor illnesses that are no big deal for healthy people, become major diseases for your body to fight when you smoke regularly. 

5. Stress is linked with your immune system 

Stress not only affects our mental, but physical health as well. The effectiveness of our immune system is affected when we are going through stressful times. It hinders our body’s ability to fight viruses and bacteria. Stress is also the cause of problems with sleep, depression, high blood pressure and also increases the chances of stroke and heart attack. Autoimmune and inflammatory disorders are a result of chronic stress.

Under stress our body produces more cortisol that causes our body to struggle for normalizing it’s inflammatory response, resulting in attacking itself. It impairs our body’s ability to produce more WBCs. 

Whenever you feel stressed, it's important to talk to your loved ones or seek professional help.


Lifestyle changes can boost your immunity and make the system stronger. Constant exposure to harmful microbes on a daily basis leads to a need for an extra boost in nutrients to improve our immune system. Nutraceuticals like Dayly Guard is a powerful blend of phyto-chemicals and immune modulators that shield the body against everyday health risks like pollutants, toxins and pathogens. It provides  protection to immune cells from lipid peroxidation and immunosuppression ensuring efficient function of the immune system and aids the innate immune system of the body.

A dose of Dayly Guard everyday with a healthy lifestyle works wonders for your immune system and you are protected against harmful viruses, everyday. 

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