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Dayly Dream

Sleep Aid


Good sleep is a boon from the gods. It’s the best cure for anything, be it tiredness, anxiety or worries of everyday work life. A sound sleep, as they rightly say, is the best medication. With a fast paced lifestyle, poor sleep has become a problem for many and ends up making them feel like a zombie throughout the day.

Dayly Dream is a superfood that works in building a deep and sound sleep. The unique combination of sleep hormone and a potent serenity blend reduces negative factors such as stress, anxiety and sleep latency while getting your sleep-wake up cycle back on track.

Good sleep, Dayly!

  • Promotes a deep sound sleep
  • Helps adjust the circadian rhythm
  • Promotes daytime alertness
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Reduces sleep latency
  • Unique combination of sleep hormone and the potent serenity blend
Dosage - 2 Capsules everyday, 30-60 minutes before your bedtime.



4.4 out of 5 200 ratings

Wow, my sleep has been amaZzzing!


Sleep plays an important role in maintaining the physical and mental health of an individual. Research studies suggest that insufficient sleep can lower our productivity and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Melatonin is the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. It is involved in regulating the Circadian Rhythms. When it gets dark, our pineal gland starts synthesis and circulation of melatonin, which is stimulated by neural inputs from the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (master circadian clock for the brain). Once the pineal gland starts releasing melatonin, it’s levels start to rise in our blood stream and melatonin binds to the receptors in the brain to help reduce the nerve activity. These processes help the body to relax and fall asleep. When there is light, melatonin production is suppressed signaling the body to wake up. So people who don’t make enough melatonin at night can struggle to fall asleep.

Factors like stress, smoking, too much light at night, exposure to blue light like phones, not getting enough natural light during the day, shift work, constant travelling to different time zones, and aging, affect melatonin production and thus result in poor sleep quality and other sleep disorders.

How it works?

Dayly Dream delivers a unique combination of sleep hormone and the potent serenity blend that work together to promote a good sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed. The melatonin in Dayly Dream helps in countering low levels of melatonin hormone in your body and restoring the normal sleep cycle.

The serenity blend increases the activity of neurotransmitter GABA which helps in relaxing your mind and calming your senses, so that you can enjoy an undisrupted sound sleep and remain all active and spirited for the next day. These natural herbs with their adaptogenic properties also help in reducing the stress levels by regulating the HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) axis, which governs the cortisol levels. They help the cells to access more energy, eliminate the toxic byproducts of the metabolic process and utilize oxygen more efficiently, resulting in restoration of body stress response.

Dayly Dream should be taken 30-60 minutes prior to bedtime. Avoid driving or going out after taking Dayly Dream as it might have mild sedative effect



Natural sleep inducing hormone in human body. Promote restful sleep, provides relief from occasional sleeplessness.


Naturally occurring amino acid found in green tea. Induces relaxation without causing drowsiness.


Essential macro-mineral which increases GABA (neurotransmitter) promoting relaxation and sleep


A potent adaptogen that reduces anxiety. Contains triethylene glycol which promotes sleep.


Effective herbal sleep aid that increases the activity of GABA. Fights symptoms of RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and reduces stress and anxiety, promoting sleep.

Chamomile Extract

Natural caffeine-free relaxing herb. Contains apigenin that binds to specific receptors in brain that promotes sleep.

Gingko Biloba

Antioxidant-rich herb that improves blood circulation. Reduces stress, enhance relaxation and promotes sleep.


Calming and stress relieving herb. Improves sleep related problems such as exhaustion and forgetfulness.

Hops Flower

Botanical Sleep aid that Increases the activity of GABA. Reduce stress and anxiety and promotes relaxation and sleep.

Passion Flower Extract

Anti-anxiety and relaxing herb. Boosts GABA in brain that encourages relaxation as well as sleep.

Frequently Asked Question

Dayly Dream is a melatonin based product with natural adaptogens that improve your sleep quality, help adjust the circadian rhythm of body and reduce stress and anxiety

Dayly Dream contains sleep hormone 'melatonin' and the natural adaptogenic herbs. Check above for a complete list of ingredients.

- Promotes a deep sound sleep
- Helps adjust the circadian rhythm
- Promotes daytime alertness
- Reduces stress and anxiety
- Reduces sleep latency

Dayly Dream should be taken an hour before bedtime or as advised by a physician but strictly avoid taking during day time or while driving.

Serving size for Dayly Dream is two capsules or as directed by your doctor or nutritionist

There are more than a dozen sleep disorders that can affect your mood to your stress levels and how your body performs throughout the day. If you are always feeling tired throughout the day, are a snorer, wake up gasping for breath, feel excessive daytime lethargy and sleepiness- chances are you are suffering from a bad sleep. Daily dream is a superfood that is made up of a unique combination of herbs and blends that helps adjust the circadian rhythm of your body, helping you sleep better. The power punch of sleep hormone and potent serenity blend not only promotes a deep sound sleep but also improves daytime alertness. You enjoy the perks of reduced stress and anxiety, helping you achieve your daily goals, easily.

It is recommended to consistently use this product for one to two months. However, the results can vary depending a number of genetic and lifestyle habits

While it is true that eating a balanced diet can fulfill all your nutrient requirements, it is a far fetched dream for most of us. Hectic work-life, busy schedules, fast life of the metros, leads us to improper diets and eating habits. So our body doesn’t always get the required quantity of nutrients.
Result, 9 out of 10 Indians are nutrition deficient. So with Dayly, we aim to bring good health to you with our customized range of products that provides the right nutrients in effective doses with as minimal ingredients as possible, to cater your nutritional requirement that will help you fight the challenges of day to day life like pollution, stress, UV radiation, seasonal infection. These products are formulated with clinically proven and scientifically backed ingredients by our team of experts after studying tons of scientific literature to ensure real results. So wait no more and check out our products. Good health is just a click away!

Try to maintain a gap of four to six hours between your medication and the supplement. Also, kindly consult with the doctor or physician before adding any supplements to your routine while on any medication.

Kindly consult with a doctor or physician before adding any supplements to your routine while pregnant or nursing.

Keep in a cool, dry & dark place. The product is required to be stored out of reach of children.

Avoid taking Dayly Glow and Dayly Dream at the same time, maintain a gap of four to five hours. Other than that, there is no need to space them all out.

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